Who We Are

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Kenya) is a think-tank that provides a platform for informed discussions in order to influence public policy in Kenya.

What We Do

We undertake research and public education on key economic and topical issues in public affairs in Kenya and the region, and utilize the outcomes of the research for policy dialogue and to influence policy making. 

How We Work

Over the years, we have achieved significant results through a unique combination of approaches including a combination of futuristic planning, policy analysis, research, advocacy, capacity building, and public education.

Latest News

Blog Posts

18 March 2016

IEA Kenya

Kericho, Malindi By - Elections 2016: Analysis using Benford's Law

In December 2015, Hon. Charles Keter and Hon. Dan Kazungu Kambi were appointed as the new Cabinet...

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16 March 2016

By IEA Kenya

Analysis of the Ugandan General Elections Using Benford

Uganda held its presidential elections on February 18, 2016 an...

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