Kenya - Morocco Conference : Two Lions on the Move

Post Date: 28 March 2017   |   Category: Economic Development   |   Hits: 1834

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA-Kenya) in partnership with Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and Economie Entreprises LIVE from Morocco held a fruitful one-day conference on economic and trade opportunities between the two countries on 24th March 2017 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi. 

In their capacity as major players in the promotion of South-South partnership, Morocco and Kenya share many complementarities. The conference was attended by nearly 200 participants drawn from all sectors of the economy including; economists, advocates, institutional representatives and government officials as well as Moroccan and Kenyan researchers to compare their development model and highlight potential synergies to be implemented. Agricultural plans, infrastructural development and business climate, as well as all subjects that will provide feedback to help bring the two economies closer together.

Morocco is positioning itself as a leading player of the South-South partnership. Over the last decade, the Cherifian Kingdom has signed more than 1,000 partnership agreements with its neighbours on the continent. Also, with a GDP of $102 billion in 2016, Morocco's economic growth in 2017 is expected to increase even more due to the recovery of added value in the agricultural sector. As a result of the government's industrial development strategy and the development of important infrastructures. In 2010, the country saw the growth of export-oriented industrial sectors, with the automotive sector at the forefront, as well as the related deployment of sectoral ecosystems to strengthen SMEs. 

The objective of the conference was to present the realities of both countries and explore economic and trade opportunities, before a select audience of academics, policy analysts, media and institutional investors. It was also an opportunity to encourage South-South cooperation and facilitate quality knowledge sharing and policy dialogue.