Nothing to hide: 5-star rating for IEA Kenya by Transparify

Post Date: 28 July 2016   |   Category: Accountability   |   Hits: 1982

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Kenya) has been ranked first in Africa, among other think tanks, for the second consecutive time, and conferred the maximum 5-star rating by Transparify as a highly transparent organization in regards financial transparency.

The project by Transparify assesses transparency of think tanks on who funds their research. The main objective of the research is to bolster credibility and increase disclosure practices by think tanks on global platform.

The 2015 Transparify Report on How Transparent are Think Tanks about Who Funds Them, shows growing momentum by research institutions around the globe to disclose the nature of their funding. The first ever global rating was carried our in early 2014 where Transparify visited the websites of over 150 think tanks in over 40 countries and in 2015 carried out a second assessment of the same think tanks to see if their transparency has improved.

For its 2016 report, Transparify assessed 200 think tanks worldwide looking at sources of funding, the funding levels, and specific research projects, in an open and timely manner, in addition to disclosure on website. And IEA Kenya emerged top amongst other organisations as highly transparent on a global platform. 

“The number of organizations who still consider it acceptable to take money from hidden hands behind closed doors is rapidly dwindling. They are running out of excuses,” said Dr Gutbrod. “More and more think tanks are discovering that transparency can bring huge benefits in terms of signaling commitment to intellectual independence, integrity, excellence in research, and the credibility that comes from adhering to democratic norms while participating in democratic debates.” 

At the IEA Kenya we understand the importance of open disclosure about our financing partners. “For us to hold others accountable, we must first start with ourselves before anything else, including shaping policy of the countries we work in,” says Kwame Owino, CEO – IEA Kenya.

More needs to be done in areas around transparency. Out of the 22 think tanks reviewed in Africa, only 6 were ranked as highly transparent and 2 as broadly transparent while others were missing data and ranked as highly opaque.

“There has been an increasing need in the development sector, and not just think tanks, to initiate and call for better accountability and transparency on how we use our funds”, says Kwame Owino, CEO – IEA Kenya.

IEA Kenya’s list of all its financing partners can be found here

 For more information about the full report, log on to Transparify