IEA Ranks Among Top 3 Think Tanks in Kenya

Post Date: 30 January 2020   |   Category: General   |   Hits: 892

In recent years, the IEA-Kenya has paid keen attention to the global Go To Think Tanks report, that attempts at ranking of think tanks on some specified criteria. What we read from it is that the world of think tanks is not only expanding but also that the national and continent wide ranks for the IEA-Kenya (3rd and 10th respectively) confirm to its members that the mission is being pursued and the methods that we choose are advancing that mission.

To the extent that a think tank applied resources in pursuit of its declared mission, it must consider whether its endowments are cost effectively applied and would justify further investments by our members and partners. Our ranking gives us the confidence to state that on both scores, the IEA-Kenya would unequivocally justify its existence and the resources that we put to the pursuit of our mission. 

Finally, the ranking proves that throughout the world, think tanks are contributing very original ideas generated from evidence and informing discourse and creating paths for expanding welfare, all as a public good. Indeed, think tanks matter.