IEA Holds a Workshop On The Era Of Digitization In The Manufacturing Sector in Kenya

Post Date: 27 April 2018   |   Category: General   |   Hits: 742

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA-Kenya) in collaboration with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung(FES) held a one day workshop dubbed “The Era of Digitization In The Manufacturing Sector: What Is The Future Of Labour, Economic Growth & Development In Kenya?” on Thursday, 12th April, 2018 at the Sarova Stanley Hotel – Nairobi.

The one-day long event sought to review the subject of manufacturing, and economic opportunities that exist for Kenya. Manufacturing is one of the main contributors of economic growth, and for Kenya to realise the status of upper middle-income country as envisaged in the vision 2030 blue print, it will have to invest in the digitalization of the sector. 

Embracing digital technologies could therefore come as a welcomed move to enhance productivity in the manufacturing sector, and in the same vein, help to create and increase job opportunities as well as an inclusive and fair society. 

The rapidly increasing introduction of digitization and automation in contemporary manufacturing circles therefore necessitates an understanding of the potential economic and employment impacts across sectors and countries as well as a deep assessment of societal and political implications to the country. 

Speaking during the workshop, Mr. Kwame Owino, Chief Executive Officer at IEA -  said, ''The surest way for workers to safeguard against the digital onslaught is to improve their productivity''.

The workshop was well attended and had participation from multidisciplinary participants drawn from different sectors of the economy including; economists, the private sectors players, the civil society, government officials, environmentalists, the media and the public at large. 

The IEA Kenya and FES hopes to use the workshop to cultivate champions in the manufacturing sector who can continue with the advocacy, and manufacturing work after the exercise and push for the inclusion of recommendations in Kenya’s future development plans and strategies.