Number of Work/ School Days Missed Due to Illness in Kenya

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In the previous #Numberoftheweek we assessed incidence of disease in Kenya in which was established that on average 21.5% (9.7 million) Kenyans report sickness annually with majority of these Cases (66%) being reported in rural places compared to 44% in urban areas.

This week’s #NOW provides a brief assessment of the impact of the incidence of sickness. We used the 2015/16 survey by KNBS that provides us with the most up to date information on the population (aged between 3-60 years) that missed school or work due to illness.  

Statistics on the estimated lost working days or school days provide a glimpse of the opportunity costs incurred thus being vital in policy making. 

Percentage distribution of population that reported sickness and estimated number of school/work days missed

Source: Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey 2015/16

Number of the Week: 1/4 {Approximate share of the population that missed between 1 and 2 days of work/school due to illness} 

  • On average 21.5% (9.7 million) Kenyans report sickness annually 
  • About a ¼ (23.9%) of the population that were sick lost 1-2 days of work/school 
  • 15.5% lost 3-4 days. 
  • More than 20% lost more than 5 days
  • Approximately a third (32.9%) of the population that reported illness did not miss any day of work/school due to illness.