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Monday 15th September 2014

Trade and Development Programme

Programme Goal

“To promote transparent and participatory engagement of key institutions in public finance management with emphasis on execution and auditing.”

The programme comprises of the following Components

  • Parliamentary support
  • Citizen/civil society support
  • Gender budgeting initiative
  • Local authorities support


  • To build evidence-based research on public finance management
  • To strengthen key institutions that engage in public finance management
  • To improve public finance monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • To develop diverse budget analyses

Activities specific to each of the 4 Programme Components:

  • Presentation and dissemination of our annual analysis of the National budget at both the national and Provincial levels
  • Supply and demand driven capacity building workshops on public budgeting
  • Participation in networks like the Parliamentary Initiative Network and the Kenya Budget Engagement Forum
  • Supply and demand driven studies/research on public Finance matters and implications of policy for public finance
  • Annual economic literacy seminars
  • Analysis of legislation governing parliamentary and local authority operations to strengthen the parliament’s dual roles of oversight and law making
  • Annual pre and post budget workshops for the parliamentarians using committee approach in order to improve committees and ultimately parliamentarians scrutiny of the budget
  • Development of sustainable methods and tools for gender budgeting
  • Enhanced lobbying of alternative public policy through occasional papers, bulletins and briefs
  • Sectoral budget analysis to appreciate the rationale of expenditure allocations and options
  • Monitoring use of public funds through diverse methodologies
  • Consultative stakeholders meetings, including meetings with executive, parliament and local authority
  • Surveys on public service delivery at selected local authorities and public institutions
  • Collection, compilation and analysis of macroeconomic data trends
  • Public forums on topical issues on the economy and public finance issues

Expected Results

  • Evidence-based research that informs reforms on public finance
  • Sustainable effective parliamentary, civil society and local authority capacity to engage in public finance management and monitoring of public service
  • Organized and evidence based advocacy by CSOs and other key institutions on public finance matters
  • Better collaboration between parliament, the executive, Civil Society Organizations CSOs
  • Gender responsive policies and budgets
  • Improved budget execution and audits

Verifiable Indicators

  • Research on various aspects of public finance
  • Disclosure of budget proposals
  • Regular encounters within the Executive and interested parties
  • Accountability by the Executive to parliament and the public
  • Number of reforms in public finance management
  • Encounters with parliamentarians, executive, local authorities, CSOs, private sector representatives and citizens
  • Number of organizations actively engaged in public finance management
  • Improvements in engagements with the government on public finance management