Nairobi City Scenarios

Institute of Economic Affairs

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Post Date: 26 September 2014

Nairobi is among the cities of the continent of Africa that is growing rapidly partly due to opportunities that it provides for Kenyans migrating from the rural areas and inhabitants from other countries of Africa. Nairobi is home to major organizations such as the United Nations headquarters. Its central location in the continent Africa and proximity to the coastal town of Mombasa not to mention its conducive climate makes it a favourite for many. Nairobi contributes about 60% of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product.

This booklet by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA- Kenya) on the Nairobi 2040 Scenarios captures the process that resulted in the scenarios developed by the Institute of Economic Affairs through its Futures Programme in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation. The stories bring out alternatives futures for this fast growing city. Planners and policy makers can greatly benefit from these possible scenarios as they work towards policies that will contribute to a desirable, more habitable and sustainable city.

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