The Kenyan Debt Burdern, Is it sustainable

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Post Date: 02 October 2013

Public Debt in Kenya has been growing each year as the government seeks to finance economic growth. Even as the government faces East for more funding, the need to analyze our current debt situation its implications and sustainability is imperative. This calls for discourse around the current debt situation, trends that have characterized debt spending and servicing, the growing debt burden and how it is spent.

This infographic was created by the Institute of Economic affairs to spur conversations on the Kenyan budget situation. It posits policy questions that should shape discourse around debt issues; debt impact on economic growth, measures for effective management as well as measures to contain spending as a way of maintaining debt sustainability levels within our current economic situation?
This infographic will be disseminated to the civil society organizations, the media, researchers, policy makers, as well as other policy audiences through social media sites and email.
The public debt infographic should help build understanding of the resource and help Kenyans develop strategic policies in order to use the debt in a way that will achieve the precedent real economic growth.

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