Kenya Urban Areas Performance Index Report 2017

John Mutua and Noah Wamalwa

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Post Date: 06 September 2018

This report shows performance of the six largest urban areas in Kenya based on three areas, namely: service delivery, conditions for investment and governance. Performance of these urban areas is assessed using the Urban Areas Performance Index, a composite Index comprising 67 indicators (questions) that scores, on a scale of 0 (least performance) to 100 (best performance) points and ranks these urban areas. Urban areas that ensure individuals’ free choice, create favourable business conditions, use public resources efficiently and ensure transparency of their activities are ranked higher. 

Also, the report provides a rich source of data and information that can be used by different audiences including policy makers, civil society, researchers, students, the media and indeed the general public to inform debate and dialogue on urban governance and planning. For example, this report provides policy makers with impetus to initiate the process of establishing urban areas structures. Similarly, it provides key messages for other groups such as the media and civil society to advocate for the same.

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