This programme focusses on opening up the processes of public sector institutions to public scrutiny, with the objective of making sure the processes meet minimum constitutional thresholds. Through the programme, IEA aims to support the formulation and alignment of various policies related to public institutions to the Constitution and national development goals. This entails checking for concurrence, contradictions, duplications and overlaps between the institution’s policies and the Constitution. 


Research & Policy Analysis

Provide technical assistance to policymakers and key stakeholders through research and policy analysis, to enhance alignment of various policies relating to public institutions to Kenya’s Constitution and national development plans


Knowledge dissemination

Undertake public education on knowledge generated through policy dialogues and various public forums.


Capacity building

Enhance capacities of various stakeholders including policymakers, civil society and the media, to participate in the processes of various public institutions through various trainings and lectures.



Undertake various engagements with policymakers to enhance support for development of various laws and policies related to public institutions.